Penn Affinity 8000LC Spool Carbontex Drag Washer

Penn Affinity 8000LC Spool Carbontex Drag Washer

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New Penn Affinity 8000 LC, Surf Blaster 8000, Surf Master 850 Spool, Carbontex Drag Washer Conversion kits

Smoooooth Drag from the USA, manufacture Carbontex Carbon fibre drag washers.  These premium quality drag washers are the new generation, of carbon drag washers. The high quality carbon fibre material is the perfect combination of unrivalled stopping power, silky smoothness and outstanding consistency, with a high heat tolerance. Carbontex drag washers are the the best upgrade in drag washers, available, try them and you will not be disappointed. 

Carbontex enable a greater drag pressure to be applied to the line and can be used dry, or with a very light coating of Cal's drag washer grease. There is an option to this listing to purchase Carbontex washers with, or without a 14 Gram tub of  Cal's grease. Jim's Reel Shop import Smooth Drag, Carbontex drag washers.

The Penn Affinity 8000 Long Cast reel is probably the most popular, of  all of the Penn fixed spool reels, of many years, with Carp and Salt Water anglers in the UK.  As it has been purposely designed for ultra long range surf casting and as a big pit reel. It comes with two tapered, forged aluminium long distance casting spools. A deep monofilament spool and also a smaller capacity spool for braided lines.

Jim's Reel Shop are offering for the first time, Carbontex Drag Washer kits the Penn Affinity 8000 Long Cast reels. These Smooth Drag Carbontex drag washers, replace the stock soft drag washers, which fit inside the spools. These kits are suitable for both the shallow braid spool, and also the deeper monofilament spool. Also fits the older Surf Master 850 reels.

The Carbontex drag washers are an upgrade, to replace the original Penn felt fabric drag washers, fitted in both the deep spool and also the shallow braid spool.  The drag washers are located in the spools on the Affinity 8000, under the Teflon shield, which is secured by four screws. Re-use the metal drag washers. Loctite thread lock is recommended by Jim's Reel Shop to secure the four screws upon completion of this modification.

Each set comprises of three Carbontex  drag washers which is enough to convert a single spool.

Please note: The reels & spools are NOT INCLUDED!!!!!

We have Carbontex drag washer sets and loose washers available for most reels. If you don't see it listed in our store, give us a call. 

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