DAIWA 50/30/300/350H/SMF170/300/350HW CARBONTEX

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DAIWA 50/30/300/350H/SMF170/300/350HW CARBONTEX
DAIWA 50/30/300/350H/SMF170/300/350HW CARBONTEX
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DAIWA 50H, 30SH, 300H, 350H, SMF170H, 47LC, SMF250, 47SH, 300HW & 350HW CARBONTX DRAG WASHERS

Smoooooth Drag from the USA, manufacture Carbontex Carbon fibre drag washers. These premium quality drag washers are the new generation, of carbon drag washers. The high quality carbon fibre material is the perfect combination of unrivalled stopping power, silky smoothness and outstanding consistency, with a high heat tolerance. Carbontex drag washers are the the best upgrade in drag washers, available, try them and you will not be disappointed.

Carbontex enable a greater drag pressure to be applied to the line and can be used dry, or with a very light coating of Cal's drag washer grease, which is HIGHLY recommended

This kit is for the Daiwa 50H, 30SH, 300H, 350H, SMF170H, 47LC, SMF250, 47SH, 300HW & 350HW.

Each set comprises of four Smooth Drag premium Carbontex  washers.

We have Carbontex drag washer sets and loose washers available for most reels. If you don't see it listed please ask! 

Important: please check your reel schematic/exploded reel diagram for the part number. If it is not the same part number it will NOT fit! If unsure, please ASK!

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