Welcome to Jim's Reel Shop

The Independent  ABU, Mitchell & Penn Servicing Centre


Jim's Reel Shop is an independent UK business who specialise in supporting the users of Abu-Garcia, Penn and the older Mitchell fishing reels. We stock thousands of parts for Abu-Garcia, Akios, Penn and the older classic Mitchell reels. (We cannot supply all of the parts for many of the the most modern Mitchell and Abu Cardinal reels, as not all are available from Abu Sweden). We do though stock parts for the Swedish manufactured multipliers which are still being manufactured in Sweden.

Jim's Reel Shop SERVICE Abu-Garcia, Akios, Daiwa, Penn and Shimano reels. (If parts are available) We supply parts for Abu-Garcia, Penn and the older Mitchell reels for those of you, who are confident enough to do your own servicing. We also keep refurbished Mitchell and Abu reels in stock.

We are UK stockists forlogo products including reel X, stockists of Smooth Drag products including Carbontex washers and Cal's Greases from the U.S.A.  

We stock many Pure Fishing products including reels and can order items not in stock. We stock reel up-grades such as Smooth Drag Carbontex drag washers, the upgraded high-performance drag washers for many Abu, Daiwa, Mitchell, Penn and Shimano reels. T.G Development products, fishing reel lubricants and Ceramic & Ceramic-Hybrid bearings. _wsb_184x86_rocketreelco.logo

So if you need a fishing reel repairing or the parts to repair your reels, we are the people to talk to! We have an online shop where many of our products are available and we ship worldwide. Only a tiny fraction of our products are listed. If assistance is needed do not hesitate to telephone 07523142760


We take orders over the telephone & accept payments by credit/debit cards. Telephone: 07523142760 

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Jim's Reel Shop is not a warranty centre & has no affiliation with Pure Fishing, other than stocking their whole range of products.


To pay with a debit or credit card please telephone: 07523142760