Fishing Reel Servicing

Fishing Reel Servicing

Jim's Reel Shop Service

Abu-Garcia, Akios, Penn & Mitchell fishing reel servicing

We service ABU, Akios, Mitchell and Penn reels 

Reel servicing at Jim's Reel Shop comprises of a total parts breakdown of a reel. Reels are stipped down to their components. All parts are degreased and ultrasonically cleaned to remove all contaminants from internal and external surfaces. This way we are able to inspect all reels properly. After a parts inspection all defective parts are replaced with genuine Mitchell or Abu-Garcia parts and reels are tested. After satisfactory testing reels are lubricated with top quality oils and greases. Our telephone number is 0752 314 2760 if you wish to know more about our reel servicing.

We do our best to offer efficient servicing. We are able to do this as we have many thousands of parts in stock.  The price for a complete breakdown and overhaul including any repairs is £19.99 (not including parts and postage, these are extra)

Please send your reels with a note including your name, address, contact numbers along with a brief description of any known faults. No need to send any payment, we will invoice you at the end of the servicing. Please send your reels well packed to:-


Jim's Reel Shop

48, Beechfield Road



SN13 9DW


Telephone 0752 314 2760

If you wish to drop your reels off for servicing please telephone to arrange a mutually convenient time

Our standard terms and conditions:

1/ We repair ABU, Penn and Mitchell fishing reels NO MODERN MITCHELL

2/ Reels will be returned using recorded or "Special delivery" next-day special delivery, paid for by the customer The Royal Mail are increasing their prices on 2nd April 2013 and postage and the cost for return delivery 1kilo for 2nd class £7.00, Special Delivery £9.00 we may be using Collect Plus courier as their is a saving 2nd £6.00 and £8.00 respectively

3/ Reel repair/service estimates are given only if requested by the customer

4/ If you wish to retain your line/braid please remove from your reel(s) before posting

5/ We strip, degrease and ultrasonically clean a reel in order to inspect. If a customer decides against a repair the reel will only be returned to the customer, once a fee of £20.00 has been paid to cover the cleaning and return postage. This fee will be needed to be paid before release.  

6/ Parts are no longer available from Pure Fishing UK, the owners of the ABU, Mitchell and Penn brands.  So sometimes there is a wait of 4-10 weeks for parts delivery. We do keep an inventory of over 20,000 Abu, Mitchell and Penn parts. Parts ordered in will need to paid for up front.

7/ We also have parts to enable the repair and servicing of the French manufactured Mitchell models up to 1990 and the full range of ABU Ambassadeur reels. If we do not have the part in stock we will try and acquire it for servicing. It is impossible to keep every part in stock.

8/ All reels NOT PAID FOR WITHIN THIRTY DAYS will become the property of of Jim's Reel  Shop and will be disposed of how we see fit. 




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